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At Fruble, we seek to create products that inspire outdoor adventures. Thoughtfully designed, our camping and storage solutions complement the unique capabilities of EVs. Whether you're embarking on a weekend camping trip or a cross-country adventure, our products are crafted to enhance your experience on the road.

As a youngster, Jimmy always dreamt of van life but he couldn’t justify the maintenance, fuel economy, and environmental impact of traditional campers. So, he asked himself, why not do it in an EV? In 2021, he embarked on his first cross-country trip in his tiny home on wheels—a 2020 Tesla Model 3. It was on this trip—cruising silently through mountain passes, hearing rocks crumble and birds sing—that he fell in love with the outdoors.

Jimmy Yosemite.jpg
Jimmy Zach Teslas.jpg

This unconventional way of living came with many challenges. Jimmy needed to be creative to make his travels, and life, more convenient, leading him to create the Frunk Table. Later, inspired by his community on YouTube, Fruble was born.

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